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Quality bridges built on a reputation that spans generations.

Each pedestrian and light vehicular bridge is competitively priced and built to the industry’s strictest quality control standards. CFP’s bridges blend in beautifully with their natural surroundings, designed for use on golf courses, waterways, parks, bike and equestrian trails, wildlife areas, and business complexes nationwide.

What sets CFP’s bridges apart is how we put them together. We use the finest materials for greater durability on all our bridges. Decades of experience are pre-engineered into every bridge to handle maximum loads. The combination of quality design, strength and variety make CFP bridges your best long term investment.

Standard features

The Value of Design

  • Pre-engineered in 4′, 6′ and 8′ deck widths with spans ranging from 16′ to 80′
  • All standard wood components (except decking) are glulam Southern Yellow Pine (SYP), decking is 2″ x 6″ SYP
  • Hardware used to connect glulam components is galvanized steel
  • Bridges 4′ and 6′ wide and up to 60′ in length are shipped completely assembled
  • Bridges 8′ wide to 60′ in length are shipped with railings assembled but not attached
  • Bridge lengths over 60′ are shipped to the site, knocked down and unassembled

The Value of Strength

  • Laminated posts, stringers, and diaphragm beams spaced for maximum load capacity and structural integrity
  • Computerized strength analysis, combined with individualized information helps select the best bridge for your application
  • Pre-engineered based on 85 PSF live load, 12 PSF wind load with the deflection limitation L/300 for live load

The Value of Variety

  • Camber structures available – curved to compensate for dead load deflection or to accentuate natural terrain
  • Can be manufactured with a minimal camber or maximum allowed camber of 8.3% to meet ADA compliance. Higher camber are available for bridges that do not have to meet ADA compliance
  • Various railings options available – available in a four rail with curb and five rail systems
  • Vertical railings are also available but will not be laminated

Standard sizes

Bridge Bridge Deck Size Drawings
BRD416 4 x 16 View Drawing
BRD420 4 x 20 View Drawing
BRD424 4 x 24 View Drawing
BRD428 4 x 28 View Drawing
BRD432 4 x 32 View Drawing
BRD436 4 x 36 View Drawing
BRD440 4 x 40 View Drawing
BRD444 4 x 44 View Drawing
BRD448 4 x 48 View Drawing
BRD452 4 x 52 View Drawing
BRD456 4 x 56 View Drawing
BRD460 4 x 60 View Drawing
BRD616 6 x 16 View Drawing
BRD620 6 x 20 View Drawing
BRD624 6 x 24 View Drawing
BRD628 6 x 28 View Drawing
BRD632 6 x 32 View Drawing
BRD636 6 x 36 View Drawing
BRD640 6 x 40 View Drawing
BRD644 6 x 44 View Drawing
BRD648 6 x 48 View Drawing
BRD652 6 x 52 View Drawing
BRD656 6 x 56 View Drawing
BRD660 6 x 60 View Drawing
BRD816 8 x 16 View Drawing
BRD820 8 x 20 View Drawing
BRD824 8 x 24 View Drawing
BRD828 8 x 28 View Drawing
BRD832 8 x 32 View Drawing
BRD836 8 x 36 View Drawing
BRD840 8 x 40 View Drawing
BRD844 8 x 44 View Drawing
BRD848 8 x 48 View Drawing
BRD852 8 x 52 View Drawing
BRD856 8 x 56 View Drawing
BRD860 8 x 60 View Drawing

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