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Standard features

Structure Frame

  • Glulam Southern Yellow Pine (SYP)
  • Each Shelter is designed to meet the local snow and wind loads
  • All metal connectors have a factory applied powder coat finish in Railing Black


  • Gothic arch style, glulam SYP columns attached at the surface utilizing powder coated metal base shoes and anchor bolts


  • Band Shell 1, 3 and 4 have nominal 5″ x 8″ decorative grade cedar walls
  • Band Shell 2 walls are 2″ x 6″ select grade cedar


  • #1 grade, kiln dried 2″ x 6″ SYP roof decking
  • 2″ x 8″ cedar fascia
  • 30-year architectural grade shingle package

Band Shell 1

Band Shell 2

Band Shell 3

Band Shell 4


Additional Enclosures

Dressing room(s), storage or restrooms

Cedar Glulam Frame-Band Shell

Alaskan Yellow Cedar can be used on most shelter frames

Cedar Roof Decking

#1 grade, kiln dried 2" x 6" Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Cedar Shingles

Can be used on most shelters

Customization-Band Shell

Custom sizes and features

Factory Finish-Band Shell

Clear coat sealer and color stain options

Lightning Protection

Lightning rods, cable and grounding equipment

Metal Base Shoes

Powder coated shoes for surface mount

Metal Roofing-Band Shell

29 gauge max rib or 26 gauge standing seam roofing packages

Ornamentation-Band Shell

Pre-built cedar handrails and decorative wood ornamentation

Roof Pitches-Band Shell

Shelters can be designed with custom roof pitches

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