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The combination of post and beam construction offers inviting economy in a hexagon or octagon open shelter shape. The Hexagon/Octagon Post and Beam Restroom facility (HRF/ORF) has many uses and makes for a great focal point in a ball field complex. The small shelter bay can be used for vending or an information center. Both octagon and hexagon models may also be designed as enclosed buildings.

Standard sizes

Hexagon Restroom Roof Diameter Drawings
HRF20 20′ View Drawing
HRF24 24′ View Drawing
HRF30 30′ View Drawing
HRF35 35′ View Drawing
HRF45 45′ View Drawing
Octagon Restroom Roof Diameter Drawings
ORF20 20′ View Drawing
ORF24 24′ View Drawing
ORF30 30′ View Drawing



Prefabricated cupolas can be added to most shelters


Custom sizes and features

Display Case

Can be added to most buildings

Electrical Fixture Packages

Factory Finish

Clear coat sealer and color stain options

Garage Doors

All hardware included

Lightning Protection

Lightning rods, cable and grounding equipment

Metal Base Shoes

Powder coated shoes for surface mount

Metal Roofing

29 gauge max rib or 26 gauge standing seam roofing packages

Plumbing Fixture Packages

Roll-up Concession Window

All hardware included

Steel Columns

Powder coat steel columns

Steel Exterior Doors

All hardware included


Per plan, additional windows may be added


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