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Cedar Forest’s Low Pitch Beam shelters are durably engineered for years of service in public parks, municipalities, and camps. There’s a size for every need with a wide variety of widths and lengths.

Standard features

  • Overall dimensions include a 24″ overhang
  • Glulam Port Orford Cedar columns with powder coated metal base shoes and anchor bolts, glulam SYP beam
  • #1 grade kiln dried 2″ x 6″ SYP roof decking
  • 2″ x 8″ cedar fascia
  • 30-year architectural grade shingle package
  • Powder coated brackets
  • Galvanized hardware
  • 3:12 roof pitch.


Cedar Glulam Frame

Alaskan Yellow Cedar can be used on most shelter frames

Cedar Roof Decking

#1 grade, kiln dried 2" x 6" Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Cedar Shingles

Can be used on most shelters


Prefabricated cupolas can be added to most shelters


Custom sizes and features

Factory Finish

Clear coat sealer and color stain options

Lightning Protection

Lightning rods, cable and grounding equipment

Metal Base Shoes

Powder coated shoes for surface mount

Metal Roofing

29 gauge max rib or 26 gauge standing seam roofing packages

Roof Pitches-Wood

Shelters can be designed with custom roof pitches

Steel Columns

Powder coated steel columns

Wood Ornamentation

Prebuilt cedar handrails and decorative wood ornamentation

Standard sizes

Low Pitch BeamRoof SizeDrawings
16 x 20View Drawing
LB162816 x 28View Drawing
LB163616 x 36View Drawing
LB202020 x 20View Drawing
LB202820 x 28View Drawing
LB203620 x 36View Drawing
LB204420 x 44View Drawing
LB205220 x 52View Drawing
LB242824 x 28View Drawing
LB243624 x 36View Drawing
LB244424 x 44View Drawing
LB245224 x 52View Drawing
LB246024 x 60View Drawing
LB303630 x 36View Drawing
LB304430 x 44View Drawing
LB305230 x 52View Drawing
LB306030 x 60View Drawing
LB306830 x 68View Drawing
LB404440 x 44View Drawing
LB405240 x 52View Drawing
LB406040 x 60View Drawing
LB406840 x 68View Drawing
LB407640 x 76View Drawing
LB408440 x 84
LB505250 x 52
LB506850 x 68
LB507650 x 76
LB508450 x 84

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