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Cedar Forest Products offers a variety of timber wall buildings. Standard buildings are available or CFP’s design services can be used to match a structure to an organization’s exact needs. CFP utilizes its Cedar Wall System for Parkaire activity centers, park cabins, lodge buildings and many other multi-use buildings. All wall components are preassembled and construction coded to assure a perfect fit, then dismantled and delivered to the job site. All structures include engineered drawings and installation instructions. Each building is designed for durability and years of comfort and service.



Standard features

Pre-engineered designs

  • Each structure is pre-engineered to meet or exceed local building requirements
  • Stamped & sealed drawings with calculations completed by a structural engineer to meet state & local building codes
  • Restroom facilities meet ADA compliance requirements

Cedar timbers

  • Milled from Northern White Cedar for natural beauty, durability and structural integrity
  • Nominal solid 4” x 8” double tongue and groove timbers
  • Disassembled and delivered to the construction site
  • Cedar is highly desirable for its resistance to moisture, warpage, insects and fungus that can shorten the service life of other wood buildings 
  • Cedar’s cellular structure also offers a natural thermal efficiency

Exterior wall construction

  • Predrilled starter holes for 10” coated screws speed construction of solid timbers
  • Timbers are precut to length assuring staggered end joints and end matched for alignment, preassembled and construction coded to ensure a easy field fit
  • Disassembled and delivered to the construction site for reassembly
  • Salem square corners augment construction strength, reliability and weather seal with a 6” timber screw
  • Treated bottom plate with a sill seal and energy seal for all courses
  • Trim package included for base, corners, and roofline


  • #1 grade, kiln dried 2” x 6” SYP roof decking
  • 2” x 8” cedar fascia
  • 30-year architectural asphalt shingle package
  • Low pitch laminated SYP beams with Port Orford Cedar columns and 24” overhang

Doors & windows

  • Items are shipped to the job site ready for installation
  • Primed steel doors with 3-part frame
  • Standard hardware includes handles, locks, hinges, closer, and sweep

Packages & Options

Cedar Forest Products offers plumbing and electrical fixture packages for all building kits.  These packages provide the fixtures needed to complete the project.  They do not include the piping, wiring, conduit or MEP design plans.  The packages need to be installed by a local plumbing or electrical contractor. HVAC can be added to buildings using a local HVAC contractor.

Optional Features


Prefabricated cupolas can be added to most shelters


Custom sizes and features

Display Case

Can be added to most buildings

Factory Finish

Clear coat sealer and color stain options

Garage Doors

All hardware included

Lightning Protection

Lightning rods, cable and grounding equipment

Metal Roofing

29 gauge max rib or 26 gauge standing seam roofing packages

Roll-up Concession Window

All hardware included

Steel Exterior Doors

All hardware included


Per plan, additional windows may be added

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