Custom Designs

We welcome the opportunity to develop specific products and specifications to meet your custom design requirements. Do not hesitate to call since some inquiries only involve minor modifications. Occasionally, new designs require extensive investigation and will require a pre-paid design and engineering fee. However, upon receipt and shipment of the order, the fee will be offset in the prices of the approved new product.

Pricing and Freight

Prices are effective as of the date of this catalog. Freight weights shown are approximate and may vary. Freight is calculated separately, and not included in the pricing. All quotations are firm for 30 days, after which, Cedar Forest Products, Co. reserves the right to adjust pricing and freight costs to reflect market fluctuations. Applicable taxes are added to invoices unless a tax exempt certificate is provided with order. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Payment in full is required in 30 days after delivery. These net 30-day terms are extended to establish customers who can provide documentation of credit worthiness. If documentation of credit worthiness cannot be provided, a 25% deposit will be required at the time of the order and the remaining balance paid 7 days prior to shipment. A service charge of 15% per month will be assessed on the balance of all accounts over 30 days old. No retainages are accepted.


Depending on the size of the shelter to be delivered, either a common carrier or private carrier will be used. Whenever possible, shelters will be delivered to the job site. Detailed address and directions must accompany the order. Cedar Forest Products, Co. and their carriers shall have full authority to stop shipment at the point nearest the job site where road conditions or other hazards do not allow the carrier to safely reach the job site. Transporting of the material from this point on will be the responsibility of the buyer. The carrier’s decision in this situation will be final. All freight charges are added to the invoice unless collect shipment arrangements are made when ordering. Time of delivery can vary. CFP will make every possible effort to deliver within the pre-determined time period (usually 10-12 weeks or sooner after receipt of design approval). Due to the nature of our product, unforeseen delays production and/or delivery are possible. CFP will not honor or be held accountable for liquidated damage charges of any kind whatsoever.

Receipt of product

Unloading of the product is the buyer’s responsibility. In most cases, a forklift truck is required by and is the responsibility of the buyer for unloading. Buyer or authorized agent must inspect shipment at time of arrival and verify it with the bill of lading. The bill of lading received at the time of shipment is our receipt from the carrier. We therefore are released of all responsibility of loss or damage in transit. Damages or shortages shall be noted on the delivery receipt and shall be reported to Cedar Forest Products, Co. immediately by phone or in writing. Failure to report shortages or damages within two business days of receiving product shall be deemed full and complete acceptance of materials as delivered and will result in a minimum of 1/2 up to and including 100% of replacement cost including shipping.

Material Storage

It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to provide for protection of the material after arrival at destination. Storage of wood components and other materials must be in a dry place out of the sun and other elements. Exposure to the sun, rain and other elements can cause warping, staining and other damage. Temporarily stored materials should be placed on blocks well off the ground and separated to allow air circulation around each member. Moisture resistance covers should be used on top and bottom material stacks.

Installation and Assembly

Detailed setup and assembly instructions are included in each shipment along with the hardware. To facilitate the owner’s planning of desired site and concrete work, and shelter layouts and installation, setup instructions are sent certified mail after receipt of order. Some fitting and cutting of parts may be required because of field conditions and will not be reason for rejection or back charges. Touch-up and finish painting and staining shall be the responsibility of the installer. Cedar Forest Products, Co. assumes no responsibility for the condition of factory-applied finishes damaged or altered by installation or storage procedures. No corrections or alterations are to be made to our products without permission. Back charges must be pre-approved before any product corrections are performed.

Cancellations and Returns

May be made only with the consent of Cedar Forest Products, Co. and any and all costs incurred from date of order are subject to charge a 25% handling charge, in addition to return freight charges, is made on return of products ordered in error. Custom products and Pre-cut Metal Roofs and timber buildings are non-returnable.

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