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The Gothic Arch Restroom (GAR) combines traditional architecture with strength and durability. Its versatility, combined with striking looks, continues to be a favorite choice for parks and camps. Enclose the space as required and custom design the use to the project’s needs.

Standard sizes

Gothic Arch Restroom Roof Size Enclosed Area
GAR2444 24′ x 44′ 20′ x 8′
GAR2648 26′ x 48′ 22′ x 12′
GAR2840 28′ x 40′ 24′ x 12′
GAR2844 28′ x 44′ 24′ x 18′
GAR2868 28′ x 68′ 24′ x 24′
GAR3028 30′ x 28′ 26′ x 16′
GAR3440 34′ x 40′ 30′ x 12′
GAR3444 34′ x 44′ 30′ x 18′
GAR3464 34′ x 64′ 30′ x 20′



Prefabricated cupolas can be added to most shelters


Custom sizes and features

Display Case

Can be added to most buildings

Electrical Fixture Packages

Factory Finish

Clear coat sealer and color stain options

Garage Doors

All hardware included

Lightning Protection

Lightning rods, cable and grounding equipment

Metal Base Shoes

Powder coated shoes for surface mount

Metal Roofing

29 gauge max rib or 26 gauge standing seam roofing packages

Plumbing Fixture Packages

Roll-up Concession Window

All hardware included

Steel Exterior Doors

All hardware included


Per plan, additional windows may be added


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